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Name:Emily Rose Hudson
Birthdate:Oct 20
Location:United States of America
Character Name: Emily Rose Hudson
Physical description: 3'1", 38lbs, brown hair (Mommy didn't really want her to have bangs, but safety scissors still cut hair... ), brown eyes. Slender build for an active kid and a little small for her age.
Age: 6
Birthday: October 20, 2002
PB: Jasmine Jessica Anthony

Abilities: None yet.
Weaknesses and flaws: Gummy Bears.

Character location/Home: Pittsburgh, PA (for now)
Alignment: Good girl.
Relatives: Kristen Hudson (mother, deceased), "John" Logan (father, living), Misha Loganovich (half-brother, living).

Backstory:Kristen Hudson had been aimless and restless throughout most of her adult life. She wandered from place to place and picked up work as she could find it, but she only ever stayed in one place for a short while. Estranged from her parents since her mutation manifested at the age of twelve, she had never really put down roots anywhere else -- until the year she turned twenty-eight.

She had taken a jaunt up the eastern coast of the US and then followed a twisty path back down through New England which eventually led her to New York. New York seemed like as good a place as any for a stop -- money was getting tight, anyway -- so, she took a job tending bar in Manhattan. It was a skill that traveled well and she was good at it. She worked hard and mostly kept to herself.

A terminal case of wanderlust made her largely disinterested in most relationships. It just didn't seem practical to get to know someone very well if you were only going to be with them a few days or a few weeks. One night stands had made up the bulk of her 'socializing' for years and, picky as she was, those weren't all that frequent either; even though being young, attractive, and not sporting a wedding ring made her popular with the male customers. For the most part, she refused the offers.

But, there's always the one that gets through...

He had already been in the bar for god only knows how long by the time she arrived for her shift -- one of her last, in fact. She's already put in her notice. It was time. She'd been there too long.

Kristen had been in the business long enough to recognize the look of a man who wouldn't be able to drink enough for whatever it was he was trying to satisfy. They came in all the time. The way his gaze tracked her from one end of the bar to the other and back probably should have bothered her, but it didn't. She found herself wandering back down his direction when she wasn't busy.

Small talk gradually gave way to flirting and then as the bar began to empty out for the night, the offer was made. She'd swear on a Bible that he had been the one to ask, but he hadn't been and Bibles didn't really mean much to her anyway. Her apartment was small but nearby and that was all they needed. Over coffee the next morning, they exchanged names finally and a few other details, then parted ways. Him back to 'home' -- wherever that was -- and her to the bar for her last shift. She was already packed to leave the following day.

By the time she meandered her way into Pennsylvania, she knew something had changed. A visit to a drug store produced the test that proved her worries correct. A second and third quelled her disbelief. It was on the edge of her mind to go and find the man responsible, but the urge passed after some thought. It had been one amazing night, but that was all it was. He hadn't been looking for any sort of commitment any more than she had been, and anyway, all she had was his name. After giving some very serious consideration to all possible alternatives, Kristen finally decided to keep the baby and raise it on her own.

Seven months and eighteen days later, Emily Rose was born.

Emily grew up fast and healthy. She had her mother's enormous, green eyes and a sunny disposition that Kristen swore was some sort of genetic anomaly. The infant and toddler years were difficult more for financial reasons than any real "crying all night" or "terrible twos". Money was tighter than ever, in fact, and it was the longest time in decades that Kristen had spent in one place, but she and her daughter were happy.

Years passed and they stayed in the same town, in the same building. The old wanderlust was still there, but Kristen didn't want to move Emily around from place to place, especially once she started school. Kristen worked as a bank teller in the city and commuted home on the bus every day. It was a long and fairly boring ride, most nights.

Emily had stayed home sick from school the day her life changed forever. Kristen left her in the care of a babysitter when she went into work that day.

The morning was cold and road conditions were bad enough to make the passengers on the bus glad that they were not the ones driving. But, as their bus rolled through an intersection just outside the city, a garbage truck approaching the intersection from the cross-road hit a patch of black ice and slid through. It hit hard and fairly fast about mid-way on the bus and crumpled it like paper. The resultant traffic snarl made it difficult for rescue workers to reach the heap of twisted metal. Many inside didn't survive.

The babysitter and the nice lady from Child Protective Services tried to explain it to her, but Emily still hasn't really grasped that Mommy isn't coming home. In the meantime, the name of the father listed on Emily's birth certificate was handed over to the DMV in the hopes of finding a current residence for him.

((RP journal for funsies. No suing. I poor.))
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